The Implementation of Highlands’ Garden Village

Description:  In 1996 Chuck Perry and Jonathan Rose began development on the former Elitch Gardens Amusement Park ten minutes from downtown Denver. Today, Highlands’ Park Village is a walkable, transit-linked, mixed-use, mixed- income village that ... read more »

Highlands Garden Vilage Experience

Description:  Northwest Denver’s Highlands' Garden Village sits on 27 acres of land that formerly housed the old Elitch Gardens Amusement Park. Old Elitch’s was a Denver attraction for more than a century, operating first as a zoo and botanic gar... read more »

Piloting Forward: LEED For Neighborhood Development*

Description:  LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) is a rating system designed by the CNU, USGBC and NRDC to encourage walkable, transit-oriented and green neighborhood design. Pilot projects have now been chosen that meet entry thresholds. LE... read more »

The Neighborhood: Models From the Edge to the Core

Description:  The neighborhood is central to the principles and practice of New Urbanism. This plenary explores a range of neighborhoods that have developed in the New York region. They cover the range of scales and densities from the edge to the cor... read more »

CNU IX Program

Description:  CNU IX (New York City, 2001) focused tightly on four tracks: the region, the neighborhood, design, and codes. Most of the conference was devoted to large group sessions, placing the emphasis on the plenary speakers. The first day offere... read more »