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John Norquist: Emergency Response and Street Design Initiative

Description:  John Norquist, CNU's President and CEO outlines the importance of narrower, interconnected street networks, and how connectivity, ranging from the regional scale to the local neighborhood, block and street scale is contrary to common th... read more »

From Policy To Technique: Complete Streets: Street Design and Multimodalism

Description:  Hear the national perspective on Complete Streets policies, with a focus on leading-edge implementation strategies from the communities of Boulder and Colorado Springs. Following the presentations, a moderated panel discussion will expl... read more »

Emergency Response & Street Design: Oct. 4, 2008, Working Group Meeting

Description:  These presentations were made at the Emergency Response & Street Design Initiative's working group that met in Denver, Colo. They helped form the Initiative's approach to developing code language for submission to the International ... read more »

Smart Growth Streets/Emergency Responders April 2008 Workshop

Description:  Two dozen engineers, fire marshals and planners gathered in Austin, Texas, on April 1 and 2, 2008, for the first workshop of a multi-year CNU project funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to find street design solutions enc... read more »

Putting Out the Fire on Street Design

Description:  To a New Urbanist, narrowing streets and creating pedestrian friendly environments can help calm auto traffic, save lives, and reduce injuries. To an emergency responder narrow streets and other traffic calming devices may slow response... read more »

Shared Space-Reconciling People, Places and Traffic

Description:  For several generations, the spaces between buildings have been dominated by the requirements of traffic engineering, with its language of signs, traffic signals, bollards, barriers, curbs, and road markings. As a result there has been ... read more »

Reviving Boulevards and Avenues as Major Thoroughfares

Description:  Presentation describing complete streetscapes, and context sensitive solutions in street design. Contains case studies from numerous cities nationwide with data to support complete streets equipped with walkable sidewalks, bike lanes, ... read more »

CNU XI Program

Description:  CNU XI (Washington, D.C., 2003) offered a chance for members to focus on districts and corridors. Corridors in Washington include the boulevard system, the waterfront, and a number of mass transportation corridors. A well-received sessi... read more »