New Urbanism on the Prairie

Description:  The railroad lines stretching out into the prairies surrounding Chicago seeded many compact, pedestrian-friendly towns and cities. These historic communities serve as models for new urbanists. Whether they are downstate cities, collar c... read more »

Meta-Physical Planning

Description:  New Urbanists recognize that New Urbanism is at the service of something greater than materialism. Namely, the creation of physical places that support neighborhood and community. “This session revived my faith in the CNU,” Andrés ... read more »

Anatomy of New Urbanist Zoning Codes

Description:  From design codes for individual projects to municipally administered citywide zoning, new urbanist coding has evolved. This session looks inside the codes to study the provisions that public agencies are using to implement New Urbanism... read more »

Making and Marketing Mixed Income Neighborhoods

Description:  Over the past several years, the federal HOPE VI program has been the principle source of funding for the development of mixed-income neighborhoods. But with Hope VI facing reductions and possible elimination, developers, planners, and ... read more »

Working with the Modernist Legacy

Description:  In both Europe and North America, cities are reworking modernist buildings and spaces, sometimes to re-establish traditional urban space, sometimes to create new forms. Panelists will explore the promise of modifying and humanizing mode... read more »

Techniques for Sustainable Urbanism

Description:  This session will showcase essential techniques and strategies for enhancing the sustainability of the traditional urban form. Find out what population densities are needed to make transit viable, how to treat stormwater on-site across ... read more »

The Sustainable City

Description:  The last ten years have produced a burst of visionary principles and standards designed to reform patterns of human settlement—Ahwahnee, Hanover, Aalborg Charter, CNU Charter, Smart Growth, LEED, and theTransect. As a result, today th... read more »

CNU XII Program

Description:  CNU XII (Chicago, 2004) brought a record 1375 attendees to Chicago for a Congress built around the theme, "Blocks, Streets, and Buildings Today: The New City Beautiful." A set of sessions explored different visions of urbanism that have... read more »