Pedestrian Oriented Streets: Human Behavior of Streets

Description:  We experience the world differently when we travel at 3 mph instead of 55 mph. We examined walking across the Transect by exploring the concepts of citywide planning for pedestrian orientation, shared streets as a design philosophy, an... read more »

Green Streets

Description:  Designing a "green" street is hard. There‚Äôs competition for every square foot (travel lanes, parking, bikes, pedestrians, trees, drainage), and myriad technical requirements (load bearing, emergency services, trash collection, mainten... read more »

Narrow Streets and the Fire Truck

Description:  What happens when the desire for narrow streets collides with fire service concerns about access for ambulances and fire engines? Often one party "wins" and the other feels that its legitimate goals are compromised or ignored. It doesn'... read more »

Great Streets and Multiway Boulevard Design

Description:  This session explored the design of multi-way boulevards within the context of Great Streets, with an emphasis on recent lessons learned, the ecological design opportunities of boulevards, and some of the devils to be found in the detai... read more »

Correcting the Moses Freeway

Description:  Robert Moses once said "cities are created by and for traffic" and urged that highways go through cities, not around them. This session reviewed how his ideas impacted cities across the nation, from New York to New Orleans. In an era of... read more »

The Battle Over the Public Realm: Fighting for Civic Life in Privatized Streets and Parks*

Description:  What consequences emerge when homeowners' associations, developers, or special taxing districts privately own or maintain our streets, parks and other apparently public spaces? Can real civic life exist within privatized space, and can ... read more »

Real Streets: Designing, Getting, and Keeping Them

Description:  An intensive seminar with leading experts of new urbanism ... read more »

CNU XII Program

Description:  CNU XII (Chicago, 2004) brought a record 1375 attendees to Chicago for a Congress built around the theme, "Blocks, Streets, and Buildings Today: The New City Beautiful." A set of sessions explored different visions of urbanism that have... read more »