Pattern Books and Production Builders

Description:  Since before the industrial revolution, most urbanism has been created with production building. London’s terrace housing, New York’s brownstones, Victorian neighborhoods, and the garden cities of the twenties were created by builde... read more »

Civic Architecture

Description:  Howard S. Decker discusses the role of civic architecture in our cities, the creation of public spaces, and the overall responsibility of civic architecture to the community. Mr. Decker offers great insight to the idea of progress and ... read more »

Transit-Oriented Development: Making it Work in the Marketplace

Description:  Intensive seminar with leading experts of new urbanism ... read more »

Top Techniques for Successful Charrettes

Description:  Intensive seminar with the leading experts of new urbanism ... read more »

Real Streets: Designing, Getting, and Keeping Them

Description:  An intensive seminar with leading experts of new urbanism ... read more »

Certifying New Urbanism

Description:  The marriage of the terms certification and New Urbanism has been discussed for some time. Now, with rating systems gaining currency in the green building movement, there’s new urgency to the question: Should new urbanist projects be ... read more »

Architectural Education: Turning Design Culture Right Side Up

Description:  Participants will critique the studio culture, academic content, and teaching methodologies that prevail overtly, latently, or by default in schools of architecture, in light of contemporary trends and issues in architecture and urbanis... read more »

The Fate of the Arterial

Description:  Arterials are the streets we love to hate — but what will replace them? CNU’s Transportation Task Force members imagine that many will evolve into new urbanist boulevards and avenues, but others will have to do a better job of carry... read more »

The Coming Demand: Building for Our Aging Population

Description:  This session will showcase essential techniques and strategies for enhancing the sustainability of the traditional urban form. Find out what population densities are needed to make transit viable, how to treat stormwater on-site across ... read more »

Tutorials on Type

Description:  Certain building types are essential to implementing New Urbanism. In this session focused on understanding type as the cornerstone in the creation of sustainable places, designers and developers will focus on three component parts of n... read more »