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Robert Liberty: Adopting and Implementing a Metropolitan Plan: Portland Metro's Experience

Description:  Metro Councilor Robert Liberty discusses and presents work that Metro is doing in an effort to produce environmentally and pedestrian friendly communities, while preserving and investing in the communities that already exist. Mr. Liber... read more »

Eco-Balance Planning and New Urbanism

Description:  No existing green building certification procedure or environmental impact evaluation tool presently goes beyond a linear approach toward conserving resources. This session explored how, by incorporating Eco-Balance Planning(™) and De... read more »

Smart Growth Streets/Emergency Responders April 2008 Workshop

Description:  Two dozen engineers, fire marshals and planners gathered in Austin, Texas, on April 1 and 2, 2008, for the first workshop of a multi-year CNU project funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to find street design solutions enc... read more »

Implementing Form-Based Codes*

Description:  More and more cities across the country are adopting form-based codes. The process of form-based code (including SmartCode) preparation is well-documented, but what happens after official adoption? Experienced form-based code practition... read more »

Building Narrow Streets While Accommodating Timely Emergency Response*

Description:  Narrow streets are considered advantageous for walkable and livable neighborhoods. This session will focus on the principles and best practices of healthy street designs that work for everyone, featuring access management steps that inc... read more »

Meta-Physical Planning

Description:  New Urbanists recognize that New Urbanism is at the service of something greater than materialism. Namely, the creation of physical places that support neighborhood and community. “This session revived my faith in the CNU,” Andrés ... read more »