Urbanism's Human Dimension: Looking After the Life of Public Spaces

Description:  Contemporary public spaces are a fragile species. People today use public space not because they have to, but because they want to. The optional character of much public life in today's cities places very high demands on the quality of ... read more »

Housing Typologies and the Reurbanization of the Polycentric City

Description:  How can creative design and use of housing typologies give structure and coherence to the Polycentric City? What are new and innovative typologies that reinforce the urban structure at all scales, from that of the city to the neighborho... read more »

Putting Out the Fire on Street Design

Description:  To a New Urbanist, narrowing streets and creating pedestrian friendly environments can help calm auto traffic, save lives, and reduce injuries. To an emergency responder narrow streets and other traffic calming devices may slow response... read more »

Shared Space-Reconciling People, Places and Traffic

Description:  For several generations, the spaces between buildings have been dominated by the requirements of traffic engineering, with its language of signs, traffic signals, bollards, barriers, curbs, and road markings. As a result there has been ... read more »

Tradition and Preservation

Description:  Modern historic preservation is a product of modernism and looks on traditional buildings as relics of the past. It often prohibits both contemporary traditional design and contextual building. Yet, in the 21st century, traditional arch... read more »

European Regionalism

Description:  A core aspect of new urban practice has always been at the regional and metropolitan scale—whether regional visioning in Chicago, Austin, and the Twin Cities or structuring growth around transit in Charlotte, Denver, and Los Angeles. ... read more »

Reviving Boulevards and Avenues as Major Thoroughfares

Description:  Context Sensitive Solutions in Major Thoroughfare Design ... read more »

Razing Freeways, Raising Values

Description:  Cities across North America are removing freeways to ignite reinvestment. Recognizing the destruction of neighborhoods and land values caused by urban freeways, communities are choosing alternatives that restore torn fabric through rich... read more »

Re-Centering Communities Around Transit-Oriented Development

Description:  Planning and design for transit-oriented development (TOD) should be based on a neighborhood- and district-wide plan, embracing the presence of the station itself. Whether for new or existing places, such plans should be varied by locat... read more »

Reviving Boulevards and Avenues as Major Thoroughfares

Description:  Presentation describing complete streetscapes, and context sensitive solutions in street design. Contains case studies from numerous cities nationwide with data to support complete streets equipped with walkable sidewalks, bike lanes, ... read more »