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John Fregonese: How Does Transportation and Network Planning Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Description:  John Fregonese of Fregonese Associates provides an integral link between land use and development and the growing awareness of our need to reduce our carbon footprint. This presentation discusses how density, diversity, design, destina... read more »

Designing Density: Embracing the "Urban" in the New Urbanism

Description:  High-density development is an important tool in combating sprawl and climate change, and is key to achieving the critical mass that makes vital, walkable communities possible. Learn how successful urban infill projects and new urban ce... read more »

Tall Towers: Purposeful Density or Loose Tower Disease?

Description:  Is the current movement of returning downtown to live in towers promoting livable cities, or are such towers a blight on urbanism. Who is right? This session showed three points of view: No tall buildings; managed districts based on spe... read more »

Learning to Love Density

Description:  6/3/06 4:00pm-5:00pm Density is the key to creating vibrant, walkable communities. However, building with density has become a challenge to both the developer and designer. To successfully permit and construct a project with higher dens... read more »

The Not-for-Profit as Developer: Tips and Tricks

Description:  6/2/06 10:00-11:00am Not-for-profits, including community development corporations, universities, hospitals, religious organizations, and arts groups, have a huge role to play in development. As large land owners, particularly in urban ... read more »

Urbanism and Climate Change in the U.S.

Description:  As we continue to confront global climate change, the role of Urbanism – new and old - will become increasingly central to the sustainability of our environment. A big share of the green house gases that contribute to rising global t... read more »