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Andy Cotugno:Driving and the Built Environment:Effects of Compact Development on Motorized Travel, Energy Use, and CO2 Emissions

Description:  Andy Cotugno examines the relationship between land development patterns and motor vehicle travel in the U.S. and assess whether petroleum use and CO2 emissions could be reduced by changes in development design. Mr. Cotugno reveals how... read more »

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Rick Hall: To Walk or Not to Walk

Description:  Rick Hall analyzes the economic, health and environmental implications of creating pedestrian friendly, walkable neighborhoods. While recognizing the importance of walkability to the overall effort of healthy urban development, Mr. Hal... read more »

Friday Morning Plenary: The Green Dividend

Description:  The Green Dividend In this timely plenary, CEOS for Cities President and CEO Carol Coletta will share insights from research showing that the urban qualities of cities — density, walkability, mixing of uses — make them dynamic and s... read more »

New Urbanism and Stormwater Management: Where is the convergence?

Description:  In most US communities, current stormwater regulations make urban development harder and more expensive. However, some state and local governments are recognizing the water quality benefit of new urbanism and reflecting it in their regu... read more »

Eco-Balance Planning and New Urbanism

Description:  No existing green building certification procedure or environmental impact evaluation tool presently goes beyond a linear approach toward conserving resources. This session explored how, by incorporating Eco-Balance Planning(™) and De... read more »

Green, Fair, and Fun: Local Living Economies

Description:  The Local Living Economy movement offers solutions to the dual challenges of climate change and peak oil. It envisions a decentralized global network of independent, locally owned businesses and farms that not only reduces transportatio... read more »

Urbanism and Climate Change in the U.S.

Description:  As we continue to confront global climate change, the role of Urbanism – new and old - will become increasingly central to the sustainability of our environment. A big share of the green house gases that contribute to rising global t... read more »