Round and Round the Block

Description:  As America retools itself for the post-oil economy, New Urbanism offers to the Modern Movement an opportunity for redemption, for rescue from the murky depths of nihilist chic. The regenerative city can move an avante garde that has liv... read more »

Harnessing the Multi-Generational Demand for Urbanism

Description:  The Boomers are retiring and tiring of their McManisons, while Gen Y is emerging and struggling to afford starter homes. Both are looking to vibrant urban places to provide their perfect lifestyle answers. This panel of design, develop... read more »

K-12 Schools and Urban Living: Are They Compatible?*

Description:  Metropolitan areas supporting multiple school districts offer families of means the opportunity to relocate to the suburbs, isolating themselves from lower-income families. Combined with location and site requirements, current K-12 scho... read more »