affordable housing

CNU and HUD: Opportunities for Innovation in Affordable Housing

Description:  Learn how the collaboration between HUD and CNU advanced the art of building sustainable neighborhoods in the HOPE VI program; participate in a discussion on how these lessons can be applied to the new landscape of housing development a... read more »

Could the nation’s economic bust dramatically improve affordable housing?

Description:  The stimulus measures enacted by the federal government will provide opportunities for a number of struggling industries. But what result could federal funding provide for affordable housing initiatives? Learn how the economic downturn ... read more »

CNU Legislative Strategy Session

Description:  CNU President and CEO John Norquist joins members of the CNU board for the latest on CNU’s agenda for change in federal laws and practices. Special guests include the Center for Neighborhood Technology's Scott Bernstein — who will d... read more »

Affordable Housing in New Urbanism

Description:  From a policy standpoint, there are four main approaches to affordable housing relevant to New Urbanists: Developing affordable housing using tax credits and grants; increasing affordable homeownership opportunities through programs lik... read more »

A Pattern Book for Habitat for Humanity: A Tool for Mixed-Income Neighborhoods*

Description:  The Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America and Habitat for Humanity are collaborating to design homes that fit within the context and architectural traditions of the community in which they are built. Learn how the Ha... read more »

Location, Location, Location: True Affordability Measurement Gives an Old Saw New Bite*

Description:  The question of housing affordability is generally addressed through median home price analysis, yet, residents commit a good portion of their income getting to and from their homes. All too often, buyers fail to consider the relationsh... read more »

Affordable Housing: The Vitality of Design*

Description:  Design has a major impact on how communities are perceived by their city and greater region as a whole. Learn creative design elements and financing vehicles currently utilized by leading designers and developers. Speakers will discuss ... read more »

New Urbanism for All: Meeting the Affordability Challenge

Description:  A growing number of new urbanists seek to address the problem of increasing segregation and decreasing affordability. Learn how New Urbanism will meet the 21st century challenge of socially inclusive neighborhood development. Explore a ... read more »

An Audio Update on CNU's Housing Affordability Initiative

Description:  Immediately following a 1-day meeting that explored housing affordability and began to set the agenda for a new CNU task force on the subject, the chairs of that initiative – University of Illinois associate professor Emily Talen and ... read more »