infill development

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Carter Park

Location:  Indiantown, Fl, 34956, USA Narrative & program:  Carter Park is a new traditional neighborhood located within the Indiantown Community Redevelopment Area. The Carter P... read more »

A Civic Vision for the Riverfront

Location:  Philadelphia, PA, USA Narrative & program:  This riverfront plan provides a vision for the future of one of Philadelphia's major cultural, ecological, and economic as... read more »

Mixson Avenue

Location:  North Charleston, SC, USA Narrative & program:  This infill development is a transit-oriented, environmentally conscious neighborhood, poised to help rejuvenate the ci... read more »

Woodstock Downtown

Location:  Woodstock, Georgia, 30309, USA Narrative & program:  This project is located along both sides of Main Street in Woodstock's historic central business district and refl... read more »

Chatham Square

Location:  Alexandria, VA Narrative & program:  Chatham Square is an innovative mixed-income community designed to improve the quality of life for residents by replacing high con... read more »

Lofts 590

Location:  Arlington, VA Narrative & program:  The project aims to transform the identity of the Arlington, VA neighborhood of Crystal City, a Washington, D.C. suburb. Much of C... read more »