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Mississippi Planning: The Gulf's Response to New Urbanist Codes, Plans, and Housing*

Description:  Communities of the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast, suddenly forced to address significant community building problems, may end up leading the nation in cutting-edge rebuilding ideas. New urbanist involvement, from the Mississippi Renewal ... read more »

New Urbanist Work in New Orleans

Description:  Despite a concerted attempt by certain factions to keep the new urbanists out of New Orleans, the wall eventually fell. Andres Duany and Ray Gindroz give their perspectives on the slow, often agonizing rebuilding of the city Andres deem... read more »

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The Value of the Post-Katrina Louisiana Pattern Book

Description:  In this new CNU audio broadcast, Raymond Gindroz, CNU Board Member and Principal of Urban Design Associates, discusses the role of two related publications -- the Louisiana Speaks Pattern Book and the Louisiana Planning Toolkit -- in re... read more »