Friday Evening Plenary with Robert Caro and the Athena Award Presentation for Allan Jacobs

Description:  Gigantism: Threat to Urbanism There are few better to speak on counterproductive interventions in the American City than Robert Caro. As Lyndon Johnson’s preeminent biographer he is no stranger to Austin or urbanism. His Pulitzer Priz... read more »

Charter Awards Luncheon

Description:  Honoring the best of the New Urbanism, the annual Charter Awards recognize expertly designed developments that enhance or repair their built and natural environments by fulfilling the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism. ... read more »

Sam Sherman on Philadelphia's Revival and CNU XV

Description:  In this audio broadcast recorded in Chicago, CNU XV local host committee co-chair Sam Sherman says the annual Congress is coming to Philadelphia at a remarkable time. After 50 years of suffering serious effects of deindustrialization, P... read more »