Developing Across the Transect in Philadelphia*

Description:  Four new urbanist developers from across the Delaware Valley discuss the challenges of creating mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods in one of America's oldest metropolitan areas. From urban infill in Center City to greenfield Traditional ... read more »

The Timeless Rowhouse: Adapting an Essential Building Type of Urbanism*

Description:  The rowhouse has played an essential role in weaving the urban fabric of Philadelphia and many other towns and cities across the country. However, an aging population and skyrocketing housing costs jeopardize the rowhouse’s position a... read more »

New Urbanism & The Old City

Description:  Definite differences exist between the “Old Urbanism” and the New Urbanism, most clearly manifested in the work done within the existing historic city. Unlike prior attempts at creating a more competitive inner city by making it mor... read more »

Sam Sherman on Philadelphia's Revival and CNU XV

Description:  In this audio broadcast recorded in Chicago, CNU XV local host committee co-chair Sam Sherman says the annual Congress is coming to Philadelphia at a remarkable time. After 50 years of suffering serious effects of deindustrialization, P... read more »