Chapter Events

Ellen Dunham-Jones Talks Retrofitting Suburbia

Description:  In her talk to the Illinois chapter of CNU in September of 2007, Board Member Ellen Dunham-Jones urged CNU members to think about the retrofit – or retrofill – of suburban development as a pragmatic means of improving the sustainab... read more »

An Audio Update on CNU's Housing Affordability Initiative

Description:  Immediately following a 1-day meeting that explored housing affordability and began to set the agenda for a new CNU task force on the subject, the chairs of that initiative – University of Illinois associate professor Emily Talen and ... read more »

Sam Sherman on Philadelphia's Revival and CNU XV

Description:  In this audio broadcast recorded in Chicago, CNU XV local host committee co-chair Sam Sherman says the annual Congress is coming to Philadelphia at a remarkable time. After 50 years of suffering serious effects of deindustrialization, P... read more »

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The Value of the Post-Katrina Louisiana Pattern Book

Description:  In this new CNU audio broadcast, Raymond Gindroz, CNU Board Member and Principal of Urban Design Associates, discusses the role of two related publications -- the Louisiana Speaks Pattern Book and the Louisiana Planning Toolkit -- in re... read more »