Pass Christian Smart Code

Location:  Pass Christian, MS Narrative & program:  Pass Christian's oak-lined streets and historic architecture had earned it the name 'Jewel of the Gulf Coast' prior to Hurrica... read more »

Louisiana Speaks: Pattern Book

Location:  State of Louisiana, U.S.A. Narrative & program:  In light of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, it is apparent that rebuilding efforts must ensure that struc... read more »

The Saucier Town Plan

Location:  Saucier, MS Narrative & program:  With funding from a regional planning and development district, the local county zoning office obtained the services of the design te... read more »

Long Beach Mississippi Concept Plan

Location:  Long Beach, MS Narrative & program:  Long Beach, Mississippi is a bedroom community of about 17,300 residents on the Gulf Coast. After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the a... read more »