Dive into the Discourse: The Federal Sustainable Communities Initiative Salon at CNU 19

The Salon Sessions at CNU 19, being held in the breakout rooms between 8 and 10pm on Thursday, 6/2, are where institutional opinions are pit head-to-head concerning some of the most pressing and vital urban-related issues of the day. 

Check the Salons web page for the full slate of topics to be explored. Today's featured Salon Session:


The Federal Sustainable Communities Initiative Salon: Lessons Learned and What's Next Featuring Shelley Poticha

Presenter: Shelly Poticha, Director, HUD Sustainable Housing and Community

Moderator:  Stephanie Bothwell, CNU Board Member

Shelley Poticha will lead a conversation about the HUD DOT EPA partnership and its grant programs. These include the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grants and Community Challenge Grants.  The total awarded to date is approximately $140 million. Please join us for an insightful peer to peer discussion offering expertise on:   

- the biggest challenges to date and moving forward, and how these challenges might be addressed;

- best practices identified from first round of funding;  

- how staffers, community reps and agency leaders can best prepare to shape and deliver these types of projects; and

- how designers or developers or others can assist in the grant application process as well as in the implementation phases.

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