Sprawl Retrofit at the Congress

The Sprawl Retrofit initiative has grown in scope and import in tandem with the annual Congress. Below are a number of featured sessions and activities from past Congresses, from the foremost urbanists of the sprawl retrofit movement.

Sprawl Retrofit Activities at CNU 22

The initiative

Related events

CNU 20 - Sprawl Repair and Infill: From Incremental to Wetrofit to Agriculture

From infrastructure to architecture to backyard gardening, explore a variety of sprawl repair and infill innovations. Topics include: growing food at all scales, incremental sprawl repair, the Sky Method applied to sprawl repair, a new kind of rental home, right-sized housing, and "Wetrofit" for green infrastructure.

Emily Talen on Retroffiting Suburbia at CNU 19

During her stay in Barcelona to meet with the directors of our masters program (Regenerating Intermediate Landscapes), Julia Koschinsky interviewed colleague and professor Emily Talen of ASU School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning, who shares her thoughts on the debates around retrofitting suburbia that took place at the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) Conference 19 on June 1-4 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin.

AIA Podcast with Ellen Dunham-Jones- Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs

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