Light Imprint Urbanism

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Light Imprint is a comprehensive strategy aiming to create urban forms that lie lightly on the land. It coordinates sustainable engineering practices and New Urbanism techniques, thereby offering different solutions for different transect zones. LI, as a New Urban approach, integrates urban and engineering practices offering a framework for regional, neighborhood, and block scale development. Economic growth is ensured while preserving natural resources. Recent studies show LI's focus on natural systems and environmental efficiency without compromising design priorities. Community connectivity and a superior public realm are the result. Using sustainable engineering practices and LI urbanism, water quality in the watershed is ensured. By preventing disruption and damage in urban and suburban areas, LI precludes biodiversity loss and ecosystem changes. You can access the paper by clicking here

Tom Low, Stephen L. Davis, Andres Duany, Patrick Kelly, Guy Pearlman, Georgio Tachiev