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Built on the site of a former hospital, Sankt Erik combines a range of building types on small blocks, including these mid-rise apartment building overlooking a waterfront park. A carefully detailed row of apartments frame one side of the public space of the street (with rows of trees in a park framing the other side) at Sankt Erik, a Charter-Award-winning development on the grounds of a closed medical institution in Stockholm.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden. Residential Neighborhood

An artful insertion of a 1000-unit residential neighborhood that preserved existing buildings topographical conditions or formal public spaces leading down to a reflection pool and riverfront park. Reviving Stockholm’s humanist building tradition, the project created a pedestrian-oriented street grid defined by multi-story apartment buildings on short blocks. With its careful architectural detail and commitment to creating fine public spaces, Sankt Erik has helped to enliven and enrich an area of Stockholm that had seen extensive office construction, rising traffic and a reduced residential population.

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Transect Zone(s): T4 general.
Status: <Unknown>
Project or Plan's Scale: District
Features: Transit oriented development.
Project team designers: Wolodarski, Aleksander Stockholm City Planning Administration, Falk, Anders Carl Bro
Project team developers: Skanska Bygg AB div Stockholm