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Location: Tucson, AZ United States. New residential and commercial neighborhood

As Tucson looks to address the legacy of failed urban renewal strategies, the Mercado Neighborhood repairs a pivotal 14 acres of a 100-acre gap in downtown’s once fine-grained and culturally powerful urban fabric. The project is a new residential and commercial neighborhood designed to reaffirm and recast Tucson traditions. Block and street networks form desert-compatible public space while producing a humane balance of public and private spaces. The architecture directly links to the vernacular of Tucson and incorporates timeless construction practices such as rammed earth and adobe. With narrow, winding streets, wide sidewalks, and seven small plazas, the design for the Mercado District is pedestrian-oriented, reflecting the historic feel of Tucson’s downtown neighborhoods before they were swept away by urban renewal.

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Transect Zone(s): T4 general.
Status: <Unknown>
Project or Plan's Scale: Neighborhood
Features: Mixed uses, Sustainable infrastructure, Transit oriented development.
Land area (in acres): 1400
Project team designers: Moule & Polyzoides, Architects and Urbanists
Project team developers: Rio Development Company, LLC.