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Location: San Jose, CA United States. Southern edge of San Jose

This project is a comprehensive plan commissioned by an environmental-advocacy group to promote an urbane and sustainable alternative to sprawl on the southern edge of San Jose, California. The 6,800 acres of prime farmland and watershed lands that comprise the project area are targeted by the City’s General Plan to accommodate at least 50,000 new jobs, 25,000 new housing units, roughly 17 million square feet of office and industrial space, and 80,000 new residents – all in use-segregated pods.
This project presents an alternative to the city's General Plan. If implemented, the project will create a dynamic new community that is part of San Jose.

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Transect Zone(s): T3 sub-urban.
Status: <Unknown>
Project or Plan's Scale: Neighborhood
Features: Live/work, Mixed uses.
Land area (in acres): 6
Project team designers: Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC / Solomon E.T.C., a WRT Company
Project team developers: TBD