East Franklinton Creative Community Plan

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Location: Columbus, Ohio. Neighborhood, District, and Corridor

Officially adopted in the fall of 2012 and immediately implemented, this 20-year neighborhood revitalization plan focuses on developing stronger, multimodal connections to surrounding neighborhoods and promotes the preservation and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure, steering new construction to infill sites. Goody Clancy, plan authors, seek to address the needs of a creative community, including the desire for a wide variety of housing types, high-density affordable housing, and an authentic, collaborative community atmosphere personified in reconstructed, arts-oriented neighborhood gateways. Collaboration between public and private entities is vital to the plan’s success, as is the ongoing support and leadership of mayor and the city council.

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Transect Zone(s): T4 general.
Status: 1-25% Built
Project or Plan's Scale: Neighborhood
Features: Affordable/subsidized housing, Live/work, Mixed uses.
Land area (in acres): 200
Total built area (in sq. ft.):
Total project cost (in local currency):
Retail area (in sq. ft.):
Office area (in sq. ft.):
Industrial area (in sq. ft.):
Number of hotel units:
Number of residential units (include live/work):
Parks & green space (in acres):
Residential types: Mid-rise/loft, Low-rise flats, Townhouse/rowhouse/maisonette, Small lot detached, Live/work.
Project team designers: Goody Clancy
Project team developers: N/A

Previous site status: Redevelopment

Starting/Ending date of construction/implementation: 2012 - 2032