Brasfield Square at Glenwood Park

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Brasfield Square is a mixed-use  "town center" of the Glenwood Park Community.Brasfield Square is a mixed-use  "town center" of the Glenwood Park Community.Brasfield Square is a mixed-use  "town center" of the Glenwood Park Community.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia. Mixed-Use Community "Town Center"

Green Street Properties partnered with The Meddin Company—an Atlanta leader in understanding and developing street-facing retail—to develop the mixed-use and retail portions of the community, located around Brasfield Square, the community’s “town center.” Three different sets of architects have worked on these buildings to ensure both compatibility and uniqueness.

Fifty condominiums ranging in prices from $170,000 to $300,000 are offered in four buildings surrounding the square. The one- and two-bedroom units feature bamboo floors, nine- and ten-foot ceilings, granite countertops, and large windows. Like the single-family homes, they comply with the EarthCraft House program.

The one pre-existing building on the site was sold to Parkside Partners, which has successfully converted it into an office condominium building. The building was “nearly windowless, and remarkably ugly, though solid,” said Brewer. “Parkside has done a great job renovating it, and it is turning out to be an exceptionally beautiful addition to the neighborhood,” he says.

Glenwood Park’s retail provides attractive and useful shops and restaurants that bring life and vitality to the streets, provides residents with walkable destinations, and reduces the number of local daily trips.

Transect Zone(s): T5 center.
Status: <Unknown>
Project or Plan's Scale: Neighborhood
Features: Live/work, Mixed uses.
Land area (in acres): 28
Total built area (in sq. ft.):
Total project cost (in local currency):
Retail area (in sq. ft.): 50000
Office area (in sq. ft.): 20000
Industrial area (in sq. ft.):
Number of hotel units:
Number of residential units (include live/work):
Parks & green space (in acres):
Residential types: Mid-rise/loft, Live/work.
Project team designers: Dover, Kohl, & Partners
Project team developers: The Meddin Company

Previous site status: Brownfield (former industrial)

Starting/Ending date of construction/implementation: 2003 -