101 San Fernando

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Location: San Jose, California. Upscale suburban downtown

Twenty years ago, San Jose was synonymous with sprawl. Today, as the unofficial capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose has emerged as a home base for the post-industrial economy. Its sprawl has undergone remarkable reurbanization. The region has now invested $2.3 billion in a light rail system, cultural facilities, public institutions, and, finally, large-scale downtown housing. 101 San Fernando is part of that effort.

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Transect Zone(s): T5 center.
Status: Complete
Guiding Charter Principle(s): Fifteen, Nineteen, Twenty-four
Project or Plan's Scale: Building
Features: Bus transit, Mixed uses, Rail/fixed guideway transit, Transit oriented development.
Land area (in acres): 3
Number of residential units (include live/work): 322
Residential types: Low-rise flats.
Project team designers: Solomon E. T. C. Architecture and Urban Design
Project team developers: City Development