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Academic Paper Session 1: Form and Re-form CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
Sharing the Ride, On Two Wheels or Four CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
Bikeability: What's It Worth? CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
The New Urbanism and the Bicycle: A Dialogue CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
How Do We Know When Urban Agriculture is Working? CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
China: The Next Frontier CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
Founders' Overseas Projects CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
International Academic Campuses CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
Public Space Design in Europe, the Middle East, China, and South America - America CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
Green Infrastructure and Community Design: Low Impact Suburbia vs. Light Imprint New Urbanism: The Debate CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
NU 202 K- John Nolen's Lessons for New Urbanism and Beyond CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
John Nolen's Career and Design Influence: Regional, National and International CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
NU 202 C- SmartCode Calibration SWAT Team (Sustainability With Applied Transect) CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
NU 202 H- Implementing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
NU 202 J- Got Capital? Financial Restructurings and the New Reality CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
NU 202 D- Coding for LEED-ND CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
NU 202 B- Small-Increment Urbanism: Fun with Challenging Development Math CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
NU 202 L- Retail Planning Principles for Cities & New Urban Commercial Centers CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
NU 202 G- Retrofitting Suburbia CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
Artists: Urban Sideshow or Redevelopment Catalyst? CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
Urban Stormwater: Or How I Learned to Stop (or Start) Worrying and Love (or Hate) the Rain CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
Megatrends: Technologies and Techniques that are Changing the Built World CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
Athena Medal Awards Plenary CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
The City of Continuity: New Urbanism and Historic Preservation CNU 19 Audio, Slideshow
Closing Plenary: Charles Waldheim and Andres Duany Discuss Landscape Urbanism CNU 19 Slideshow, Video
Metro High Capactiy Transit System Plan Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow Rail, transit, vmt
Joseph Cortright: Walking the Walk: How Walkability Increases Home Prices in U.S. Cities Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow access, destination, health, walk score, walkability
Port Nork Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow
Scott Polikov: Federal Transportation Funding Reform Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow MPO, reform, regional
Stan Curtis: IBM’s Global Innovation Outlook Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow IBM, innovation, Smart Growth
Richard Krochalis: Transportation Policy Project Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow energy, reform, transportation
Dr. Lawrence Frank: Climate Change and Health Impacts of Transportation Network Design Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow climate, connectivity, health, transportation
CNU Sustainable Communities Part 1 Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow communities, Sustainable
Andy Mortenson: Measuring Transportation Connectivity by RDI Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow complete streets, connectivity, metrics, multi modal, rdi, transportation
Stuart Gwin: Transportation Networks Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow networks, transportation
John Fregonese: How Does Transportation and Network Planning Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions? Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow carbon footprint, density, Fregonese, greenhouse gas emissions, land use
Scott Bernstein: Where Did Those Rules Come From? Observations From Contemporary Historians on Networks and Highways Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow highways, networks, transportation
Rex Burkholder: Metro Update on the Regional Transportation Plan Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow metro, regional, transportation
Robert Liberty: Adopting and Implementing a Metropolitan Plan: Portland Metro's Experience Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow metro, planning
Todd Litman: Where We Want To Be: Home Location Preferences And Their Implications For New Urbanism Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow housing, Smart Growth, transportation
Rolland M. Crawford: International Code Council (ICC): 2009 Code Development Process Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow code, Emergency Response, fire, process
Norman Garrick: Street Networks: Traffic Safety, Travel Mode Choice and Emergency Services Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow Emergency Response, safety, street networks, traffic
John Norquist: Emergency Response and Street Design Initiative Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow connectivity, Emergency Response, street design
Andy Cotugno:Driving and the Built Environment:Effects of Compact Development on Motorized Travel, Energy Use, and CO2 Emissions Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow CO2, compact development, emissions, energy, Environment, travel
Rick Hall: To Walk or Not to Walk Transportation Summit 2009 Slideshow connectivity, context, economy, Environment, health, pedestrian
CNU and HUD: Opportunities for Innovation in Affordable Housing CNU 17 Slideshow affordable housing, gindroz, gray, HOPE VI, hud, zaterman
International Forum CNU 17 Slideshow international urbanism, mackinnon, saeed
Developing Authentic Places: The Hipster Effect CNU 17 Slideshow Gentrification, heckman, hipsters, TOD
Integrating Transit into Urbanism: Key Ingredients for Success CNU 17 Slideshow arrington, place, TOD, transit, transit planning
Could the nation’s economic bust dramatically improve affordable housing? CNU 17 Slideshow affordable housing, construction, economy, ruiz