Provo City Center Blocks Request for Development Proposals

Provo City
Provo, UT, 84601, United States
Application close date: 


The subject property is bordered by Center Street, 300 West, 100 South and 500 West. These edges have varying characteristics and Center Street is especially important because it is the main east-west corridor of Downtown and the historic center of Provo City. It is home to some of Utah’s most historic buildings, dating back to the late 1800’s. These two blocks are a part of the Downtown Central District. Historic storefronts, tree-lined streets, assorted restaurants, modern office buildings, and civic institutions distinguish the Downtown Central District from the other downtown districts.





As stewards of public funding, the City is committed to cost-effective, durable construction that is developed utilizing responsible and sustainable development practices. The Respondent is required to supply both firm experience and individual experience in providing specific design and construction administration services for each of the three (3) categories of expertise listed below:

o Mixed-Use Urban Redevelopment

o Streetscapes

o Urban Design

Include examples of specific projects for which the Respondent has completed both design and construction administration services that are relevant to the three (3) categories listed above. A minimum of one example must be provided for each category and all examples included must be no more than ten (15) years old.




Each project citation must provide project-specific information and include the project name, location, a photograph of the project, client, principal-in-charge, day-to-day technical project manager, your firm’s primary role on the project, key staff, date completed, client reference (name, current position, phone number, e-mail address), the project value and a brief narrative description for each project.




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Bill Peperone
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