Orange County, FL Sustainable Land Development Code

Orange County Board of County Commissioners
Orange County, Florida
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Introduction: The Orange County Board of County Commissioners, Orange County, Florida, invites interested parties to submit proposals no later than 2:00 PM, Tuesday, August 5, 2014, for providing a the development of an Orange County Sustainable Land Development Code to the Board of County Commissioners.

Summary: The Consultant shall provide comprehensive updates to the County’s land development code. The land development code, adopted in 1957, has not been revisited comprehensively since that time. Amendments have been accomplished sporadically throughout the years resulting in nine chapters related to land development scattered throughout the 38-chapter Orange County Code. With 50 years of patchwork amendments, the current code no longer provides the development outcomes it is intended to provide.

The focus of the update is to create a graphical, calibrated, and sustainable code that will produce more predictable development patterns than can be achieved through the County’s current regulatory mechanisms. Because sustainable land development codes and practices emphasize an integrated built form that addresses the relationship between buildings and the public realm, they are better able to remove barriers, create incentives, and provide mechanisms for countywide sustainable development and smart growth.

Copies may be requested by phoning (407) 836-5635. Solicitations are also available for downloading from the Internet at: Please see the attached document for more information.

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Orange County Procurement Division
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