Doña Ana County Place Matters Team Coordinator

The Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico
Las Cruces, NM 88001
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SUMMARY: Place Matters Doña Ana seeks to improve the health of participating communities by addressing conditions that lead to poor health. PLACE MATTERS initiatives build capacity of local community leaders and stakeholders to address social, economic and environmental conditions that shape health equity and health outcomes, including those associated with race and ethnicity in New Mexico

The PLACE MATTERS Team Coordinator will facilitate the development of specific project goals and lead collaborative, community-based efforts to achieve them in Doña Ana County. The Team Coordinator will oversee and ensure the successful completion of all aspects of the local PLACE MATTERS initiatives through proactive community engagement. Policy and systemic changes that promote equity across a range of issues (to be determined) will be the focus of this initiative.


1. Build a PLACE MATTERS Team in Doña Ana County that addresses local priorities and goals, based on the nationwide initiative of PLACE MATTERS (

• Work closely with the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico (sponsoring partner) and diverse stakeholders throughout Doña Ana County.

• Serve as a strong advocate for health equity issues in vulnerable communities. Demonstrate seriousness and respect for both policy-makers and the community.

• Collaborate consistently with community organizations including non-profit /community-based groups, health partners (such as, but not limited to La Clinica de Familia, Ben Archer and Memorial Medical Center), governmental entities, academia, and school districts.

• Lead collaborative efforts to identify local priorities and establish local goals / objectives.

• Participate in the other New Mexico Place Matters Team meetings.

2. Convene and support a local Place Matters Team that advocates for health equity.

• Identify, recruit, and support PLACE MATTERS team members that represent the diversity of Doña Ana County and bring new voices to the health equity discussion.

• Facilitate regular Place Matters Team meetings (such as, creating and distributing agendas, meeting materials, minutes)

• Develop and sustain internal and external collaborative relationships among Team members and the larger community.

 3. Coordinate PLACE MATTERS Initiatives for Doña Ana County including:

• Serve as point of contact for the Doña Ana County Place Matters Team (DACPMT); coordinate and communicate with the team and its diverse partners (local collaborative partners, the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership (NM, the Joint Center’s Health Policy Institute, Common Health Action, and other New Mexico Place Matters Teams).Coordinate Health Impact Assessment (HIA) activities and participate in HIA trainings in Doña Ana County.

• Interpret and analyze data and maps in order to understand the local dynamics regarding the social determinants of health and articulate findings / trends to the PLACE MATTERS Team both verbally and in writing.

• Build and manage effective relationships with both policy makers and community stakeholders in order to advance health equity in the county.

• Provide overall leadership and administrative staff support for the PLACE MATTERS initiatives.

• Participate in grant-required meetings, conferences, and trainings. (NM Statewide Place Matters 2/year; Annual National Place Matters Conference 1/year and National Place Matters Action Labs 2/year.)

• Serve on NM-HEP's Place Matters Advisory Group which will provide assistance to the NM

Statewide Place Matters convenings 2/year. (The Place Matters Advisory Group is composed of the 4 Place Matters Coordinators and the Statewide PM Coordinator)


Strong inclusive leadership abilities especially in terms of meaningful engagement of historically underserved individuals and communities;

• Excellent written/verbal communication skills;

• BA/BS preferred;

• Strong day-to-day organizational skills combined with long term-planning skills;

• Successful grant development and management experience;

• A deep understanding of the socio-economic and health related issues within Doña Ana County or similar regions along the U.S.-Mexico border;

• Experience working with community organizations/initiatives within Doña Ana County such as the J. Paul Taylor Symposium, Empowerment Congress, Colonias Development Council, Comunidades en Acción y de Fe (Café), La Semilla, or, similar organizations in other communities/geographic areas;

• Commitment to understanding and promoting health equity by identifying and addressing social, economic and environmental conditions that impact health;

• Ability to demonstrate civic engagement skills and to comfortably navigate and build trust among many communities and constituents, including colonias, non-profit organizations, academia, government, business, community leaders and elected officials;

• Able to effectively work with persons of diverse racial, ethnic, gender and socio-economic backgrounds. Cultural awareness/sensitivity of Doña Ana County or similar regions along the U.S. Mexico border;

• Proficiency in group facilitation and preparing and leading presentations;

• Analytical and detail-oriented;

• Ability to conduct effective analysis and/or identify those with the expertise to do so;

• Self-motivated, proactive and able to self-direct;

• Experience with social media as a civic engagement tool is a plus;


• Bilingual - Spanish and English, preferred;

• Successful background check required;

• Must be able to travel within and out of state;

• Very good written and oral communication skills;

• Proven successful work with diverse communities.


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Jorge Castillo
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