Rockford Region Economic Development District
Rockford, IL, 61101, USA
Application close date: 
April 12, 2011

The Rockford Region Economic Development District (RREDD) is seeking to hire 3 interns to help develop our region’s Regional Plan for Sustainable Development. Positions will be for 3, 6, or 9 months, depending on skill set of intern and availability. The position is paid.


RREDD is recruiting interns with the knowledge, experience, and skills to assist in the development of a regional sustainability plan, focusing on the intersection between the social, economic, and environmental needs of a region. Reporting directly to the Rockford Region Economic Development District (RREDD) Executive Director, interns are responsible for supporting the first year of our Regional Plan for Sustainable Development (RPSD) planning process. The individual will work to coordinate and assist with the research, analysis, coordination, and preparation of materials for the RPSD.

Work will center within the following key areas:

1) Research and identify existing regional plans applicable to core areas of sustainability

2) Compile raw data and GIS layers for initial round of sustainability indicators

3) Develop community engagement exhibit materials and coordinate outreach to community



1. Demonstrate ability to work and participate effectively in a fast-paced, team environment.

2. Have above average computer literacy, including proficiency in MS Office Suite 2010, ArcGIS 10, and Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection CS5.

3. Possess internet fluency, including excellent web-searching skills.

4. Research, organize, and interpret a continuous stream of data relating to the Rockford Region.

5. Develop and maintain new GIS datasets.

6. Demonstrate the ability to prioritize.

7. Demonstrate superior writing skills, including the editing, oversight or preparation of technical reports and graphic design work, and the presentation of information to government entities and various committees.

8. Excellent graphic design ability, with emphasis on translating technical data into understandable information.

9. Proven skill in synthesizing large amounts of information in a clear, ordered manner.

10. Produce and analyze surveys.



RREDD and its partner organization, the Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning (RMAP) are charged with integrating planning for land use, economic development, and transportation in the counties of Winnebago and Boone in Northern Illinois. On February 1st of this year, RMAP was awarded a grant under the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Sustainable Communities program to develop the region’s first Regional Plan for Sustainable Development, or RPSD. With RREDD, RMAP is now focusing on beginning the locally-developed planning process, which includes developing action items, measurements to assess progress of these action items, the governance structure to manage plan implementation, and the resources and tools necessary to implement the plan.

The program is funded through the Sustainable Communities Initiative, a partnership between the federal agencies involved in transportation, housing and urban development, and the environment. The HUD award is the result of a local consortium of 30 agencies in Boone and Winnebago Counties agreeing to provide support and align their strategic plans and long-range visions into a set of common goals and action steps.

The planned RPSD process is a tri-fold effort:

1) develop a regional, implementable 20-year plan addressing core areas of sustainability for Boone and Winnebago Counties,

2) align existing plans and initiatives of the area relating to core areas to the RPSD,

3) develop a governance structure to manage the plan implementation and engage traditionally marginalized populations in the Region.



RREDD will be accepting resumes electronically, via mail, or in person through April 12 at the close of the APA National Conference in Boston. Interviews will begin April 9th at the conference, and continue through April 15th in Rockford. Positions will begin in May.


Minimum junior year in a Bachelor degree program in urban planning, public administration, community and economic development, economics or a related field; and significant education, training, and experience in GIS, graphic design, and regional sustainability topics.  HTML and PHP programming proficiency a plus.

Contact name: 
Genevieve Borich
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