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Targeted for a coordinated transit-oriented revitalization, the neighborhoods along Boston's Fairmount commuter-rail line have some of the city’s highest poverty levels, the greatest dependence on public transportation, and the worst access to transit service. The plan calls for an enhanced rail line with new stations that will allow for higher-density affordable housing, better access to jobs, and for a greenway linking parks and recreational destinations.
Boston, MA
Where before there was a mall and vast parking lots, mixed-use buildings now frame a graceful civic square at the heart of Belmar.
Lakewood, CO United States
Before its conversion into the Charter-Award-winning mixed-use neighborhood, Belmar was Villa Italia, the largest mall west of the Mississippi River at the time of its construction in the 1960s.
Lakewood, CO
Like other regional plans from Calthorpe Associates, this one gives constituents choices between starkly contrasting growth scenarios. This image shows how the scenario analysis calculates the interconnected impact of various natural systems restoration and protection strategies, land-development patterns and transportation systems on outcomes such as traffic congestion, auto emissions, housing mix and annual household expenses.
Southern Louisiana
Like other regional plans from Calthorpe Associates, this one shows constituents the starkly contrasting outcomes that will result from the region either allowing development to follow a status-quo automobile-dependent pattern or making changes that put an emphasis on multi-modal transportation and compact, walkable growth that links housing and job centers. Although the scenarios offer clear and straightforward choices, they are based on a highly detailed GIS-based analysis of the interaction of growth, transportation systems and landscape — and the resulting impacts on Louisiana's highly sensitive natural systems.
Southern Louisiana
A carefully detailed row of apartments frame one side of the public space of the street (with rows of trees in a park framing the other side) at Sankt Erik, a Charter-Award-winning development on the grounds of a closed medical institution in Stockholm.
Stockholm, Sweden
An arch frames an arriving Gold Line train at Del Mar Station.
Pasadena, CA
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Reconstruction of a Historic 1901 Commercial Building located on the Square in Downtown Garland, Texas
Garland, Texas, 75040, USA
Useable front porches and houses closer to the street and sidewalk establish zones of privacy between the public and private realm.
Metuchen, NJ, 08840, USA
This is one of four designs featured in the Wall Street Journal's "Green House of the Future" article on 09 APR 28. Designed by Steve Mouzon, the house is known as SmartDwelling I because it is the first design of the New Urban Guild's SmartDwelling Project.
US Gulf Coast