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Atlanta, Ga.
Transect illustrations developed while preparing a new town comprehensive plan, zoning code and downtown plan.
Burns Harbor,IN
While reconstituting a street network as a physical framework for a mixed-income neighborhood on the site of a deteriorated public housing, Oakwood Shores also carefully revives Chicago housing traditions such as the six-flat, shown here.
Chicago, IL, USA
This project redevelops land owned by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) to replace troubled public housing buildings with a new mixed-income community. The site design reestablishes the street grid and alley system to restore the neighborhood back to its traditional character offering pedestrian-oriented streets. Parking is generally located at the rear of buildings, screened by structures and obscured from view.

Clearly defined public and private spaces offer room for activity while reinforcing a sense of ownership and responsibility in taking care of the neighborhood. Two existing parks are now connected by Langley Boulevard when completed, drawing them into the neighborhood.
Chicago, IL
A HOPE VI redevelopment that replaces superblocks with a traditional street grid, creates graceful public spaces, and introduces a broad mix of housing types. Distinguished by its high architectural standards, this redevelopment creates a coherent physical framework to support the reemergence of a diverse urban neighborhood.

City West is on the sites of the former Lincoln Court and Laurel Homes public housing projects. It is within walking distance of downtown Cincinnati. Its east-west artery links two prized institutions: Museum Center (at Union Terminal) and Music Hall.
Cincinnati, OH
Attractive housing on new compact city blocks has proved popular for both public-housing residents and market-rate customers at Oak Hill in Pittsburg, built on the reconfigured site of  a semi-abandoned and isolated public housing development.
Pittsburgh, PA
Poorly connected superblocks and a forbidding hilltop location added to the isolation of the low-income residents of the previous public housing development occupying the site. Oak Hill Hope Vi project undertook extensive efforts to re-establish a connected street network as part of the strategy to create a mixed-income neighborhood integrated into the fabric of Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh, PA
In creating a catalytic mixed-use development in the Old Cloverdale neighborhood of Montgomery, the developer paid careful attention to the scale of the mixed use component in relation to the neighborhood homes.
Montgomery, AL
The commercial center of Old Cloverdale in Montgomery had suffered from decades of neglect as suburban sprawl pulled retail and residential away, before the Atlantic & Pacific Development revitalized a square block.
Montgomery, AL
For the corridor with Boston's worst access to transit service and most underused commuter rail line, the plan calls for an enhanced rail service with new stations that will allow for higher-density affordable housing, better access to jobs, and for a greenway linking parks and recreational destinations.
BOston, MA
A collaborative planning team formed by four community development corporations created a vision for new, urban villages on vacant, underutilized and brownfield sites along Boston’s most underused commuter rail line -- a 10-mile transportation corridor stretching from downtown to the suburbs. The neighborhoods affected by the plan have some of the city’s highest poverty levels, the greatest dependence on public transportation, and the worst access to transit service. The plan calls for an enhanced rail line with new stations that will allow for higher-density affordable housing, better access to jobs, and for a greenway linking parks and recreational destinations.
Boston, MA