Registration Open: Healthy Communities Summit

Summit Convenes in Atlanta, September 20-21

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Is the work of planners, developers, architects, and engineers the remedy to America’s health crisis? In the 19th century, city planning and public health officials worked together to tackle epidemics such as cholera and tuberculosis by providing access to clean water, sanitation and green spaces. Today, chronic diseases such as diabetes have replaced infectious ones as the predominant cause of death in America. It is time for planners and public health officials to join forces again.

On Friday, September 21, a one-day Healthy Communities Summit will take place in Atlanta to bring design and health professionals and public officials together to discuss and learn about ways to build livable neighborhoods that support physical and mental health. Individual sessions will focus on Code Reform, Health Impacts Assessments, and Health Districts—a new CNU initiative that aims to transform health campuses into walkable, mixed-use communities.  

The Summit will kick off on Thursday, September 20, with an evening screening of the first episode of the PBS documentary “Designing Healthy Communities,” followed by a panel discussion. This event is co-sponsored by Georgia Tech’s Student Planning Association.  

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Registration Fees (Friday Only): CNU Member* $75; Non-Member $95; Student $35.00. Become a member of CNU today to take advantage of the member discount.  AICP, ASLA and CNU-A CM credits are provided. AIA CM credits pending.  Learn more about the program and speakers at:

The Healthy Communities Summit is co-produced by the Congress of the New Urbanism Atlanta Chapter and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Healthy Community Design Initiative. For further information, please visit or contact Charles Green, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at

For more on CNU's Health Districts initiative, please see