Why we need Sustainable Transportation Networks (STN)


The current economic crisis and the reality of global climate change require that we work hard at getting the most out of our existing transportation infrastructure. This session continues the CNU Initiative for Sustainable Transportation Networks’ exploration into ways in which we can systematically turn our existing and future transportation networks into catalysts for VMT (vehicle-miles-traveled) reductions. Session attendees will learn about the many virtues of a well-connected network of streets, and how these networks benefit emergency responders and improve the efficiency of transit. Speakers will also address recent research into the connection between street network characteristics and their role in road safety. The session will conclude with a review and discussion of position statements for STNs developed at the 2008 CNU Transportation Summit in Charlotte, N.C.


  • Thomas Kronemeyer, Senior Associate Principal, Community Design + Architecture
  • William Lieberman, Program Manager, Jacobs Engineering
  • Jeff Tumlin, Principal, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates
  • Wesley Marshall, P.E., PhD Candidate, University of Connecticut
  • Chester "Rick". Chellman, Principal, TND Engineering
  • Danny Pleasant, KEY BUSINESS EXECUTIVE/DIRECTOR, City of Charlotte, Department of Transportation
  • John O. Norquist, President and CEO, Congress for the New Urbanism
  • Nicholas Donohue, Assistant Secretary of Transportation, Commonwealth of Virginia


Slideshow by William Lieberman:

Slideshow by Danny Pleasant:

Slideshow by Nicholas Donohue: