The Sustainable, Affordable, Visitable, Edible Transect: New Modules for the SmartCode and other Development Codes


As the state of the economy worsens, the demand for smart planning is more urgent than ever. New Urbanists need coordinated ready-made tools to adapt quickly to changing economic, regulatory and environmental conditions. The framework of the rural-to-urban transect has allowed practitioners to coordinate efficiently a new generation of zoning and design codes for a decade now. This session will present the latest transect-based, form-based Modules, available as freeware to all.


  • Sandy Sorlien, Director of Technical Research, Center for Applied Transect Studies
  • Doug Farr, President and Founding Principal, Farr Associates Architecture & Urban Design
  • Jennifer Hurley, President & CEO, Hurley-Franks & Associates
  • Galina Tahchieva, Director of Town Planning, Duany Plater-Zyberk
  • Robert Alminana, Principal, Hall Alminana Inc.

Slideshow by Sandy Sorlien: