Saturday Evening Closing Plenary and Charter Award Ceremony


Peter Park Manager of the Denver Community Planning and Development Department and host for CNU 17 will give an overview of lessons learned from the CNU 17 Experiences, the immersive learning experiences in Denver's most significant new urbanist developments with analysis of where they do and don't embody Charter principles (and why or why not). CNU 17 marks the first time that the CNU Congress returns to a city, Peter will show how Denver was shaped by new urbanist principles and is forging ahead with the lessons learned from the Charter. CNU concludes with the annual Charter Awards. Honoring the best of the New Urbanism, the 2009 Charter Awards ceremony acknowledges 12 works that fulfill the promise of the Charter of the New Urbanism through outstanding urbanism, often in contexts that cry out for repair and re-establishment of resilient urban communities. This is urbanism the world needs now. Jury Chair Victor Dover, will describe leading lessons and trends learned from this year's award winners and frame how New Urbanism is reshape and redeeming our cities and towns.


  • Peter Park, Manager, Community Planning and Development, City of Denver
  • Victor Dover, Principal , Dover, Kohl & Partners

Charter Awards slideshow by Victor Dover: