Project for Transportation Reform Lunch


The Project for Transportation Reform (PTR), a CNU initiative promoting the implementation of connected, multi-modal street networks as the answer to many of our transportation, safety, land use and urban design problems, has made a great deal of progress since its initiation. Besides reducing carbon emissions, improved street network connectivity has been demonstrated to increase pedestrian safety, increase vehicular capacity, reduce emergency response time, create higher land values, promote economic viability of cities, towns and main streets and contribute to a sense of place. Following a brief presentation by Billy Hattaway of VHB, this initiative meeting will function as an opportunity to interact on topics such as freeway teardown, emergency responders, the CNU ITE partnership on street design and more.


  • Marcy McInelly, AIA, Principal, SERA/Urbsworks Architecture & Urban Design
  • Norman Garrick, Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering , University of Connecticut
  • Billy L. Hattaway, P.E., Managing Director of Transportation - Florida, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.

Slideshow by Billy L. Hattaway: