Optimizing Urban Structure: Toward an Integrated New Urbanist Model


Urban structuring must optimize access, exchange, retail, ‘Movement Economy’, and public transport from neighborhoods to regions and their centers. But modern impediments include America’s ‘Functional Classification’ road system, retail orthodoxy, and fragmented “neighborhood units” following the 1929 Perry diagram. After clarifying the challenges, presenters will propose urban structuring solutions including case studies and diagrams, followed by lively debate. Warning: children and small dogs may be frightened!


  • Michael Mehaffy, Project Manager, Structura Naturalis Inc.
  • Richard Hall, PE, President, Hall Planning & Engineering Inc.
  • Yodan Rofe, Senior Lecturer, J.Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research University of the Negev
  • Paul Murrain , Urban Design Consultant, Senior Fellow of the Princes Foundation for the Built Environment
  • Evan Jones, National Planning Director, Multiplex
  • Douglas Duany
  • Doug Farr, President and Founding Principal, Farr Associates Architecture & Urban Design

Slideshow by Evan Jones:

Slideshow by Michael Mehaffy, Sergio Porta, Yodan Rofe, and Nikos Salingaros: