Opening Plenary: Accelerating the Reurbanization of America


As CNU opens its 17th annual congress, the costs of sprawl can no longer be concealed as they often were during the eras of predictably cheap oil and easy credit. A set of immense challenges in the economy, in the energy sector, and in the environment all point to urbanism as a needed solution. Denver Mayor – and renowned entrepreneur – John Hickenlooper will open this session and welcome attendees to Denver. Board Chair Ray Gindroz will inform attendees about how CNU, through its member-powered initiatives, events, and chapters, is advancing these urbanist solutions at a time when the world desperately needs them. Board Vice Chair Victor Dover will reveal how New Urbanism's potential as an environmental remedy will be realized through greater understanding of its powerful benefits, many of them unrelated to the environment — convenience, return on investment, energy efficiency, long-term value, quality time with family and friends, strengthened bonds of community. CNU will award leading New Urbanist Grady Clay, who predicted the NU movement fifty years ago, with an Athena Medal for Lifetime Achievement.


  • Raymond L. Gindroz, Co-founder and Principal, Urban Design Associates
  • Grady Clay, Author
  • Victor Dover, Principal , Dover, Kohl & Partners
  • Peter Katz, Director, Smart Growth and Urban Planning, Sarasota County, FL
  • Patrick McCrory, Mayor, City of Charlotte
  • John Hickenlooper, Mayor, City of Denver

Slideshow by Raymond L. Gindroz:

Slideshow and audio by Victor Dover:

Slideshow and audio by Patrick McCrory:

Video highlights of Victor Dover and Patrick McCrory:

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