Honoring Lifetime Achievements in New Urbanism and CNU 18 Preview


CNU will honor New Urbanists who have influenced and shaped the new urbanist movement. Stefanos Polyzoides will honor former board member and pioneering New Urbanist Paul Crawford. Crawford’s advocacy of pedestrian-oriented communities and role in creating form-based codes represent the very heart of new urbanist ideals. Rob Krier’s work as an architect has long emphasized the importance of place-making. His firm Krier & Kohl has repaired urban fabric artfully by designing traditional buildings that function within the existing urban framework. CNU board member Ellen Dunham-Jones will give a preview of CNU 18, taking place May 19-23, 2010 in Atlanta.


  • Norman Garrick, Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering , University of Connecticut
  • Stefanos Polyzoides, Principal, Moule & Polyzoides Architects & Urbanists
  • Ellen Dunham-Jones, Director of the Architecture Program, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Rob Krier, Principal, Krier – Kohl Architects

Slideshow by Stefanos Polyzoides honoring Paul Crawford:

Slideshow by Rob Krier: