Friday Morning Plenary: The Green Dividend


The Green Dividend In this timely plenary, CEOS for Cities President and CEO Carol Coletta will share insights from research showing that the urban qualities of cities — density, walkability, mixing of uses — make them dynamic and sustainable places with important economic benefits. This is information you too can use to make the case for urbanism. Then CNU co-founder Peter Calthorpe, a pioneer in scenario-based planning for community and regional sustainability, will share the results of cutting-edge work in California showing how plans that help communities achieve carbon reductions through urbanism also help them achieve a range of other important goals relating to fiscal management and livability. The emerging paradigm is for high-performance urbanism.


  • John O. Norquist, President and CEO, Congress for the New Urbanism
  • Peter Calthorpe, author, CNU co-founder, and leading regional and community planner, Calthorpe Associates
  • Carol Coletta, President and CEO, CEOs for Cities

Audio of entire plenary, featuring Norquist, Coletta, and Calthorpe.

Presentation by Carol Coletta:

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