Can Form-Based Coding Become a Best Practice Instead of an Exotic Alternative to Zoning?


Most form-based codes replace conventional zoning for a specific geographic area so that a physical plan can be carried out. What steps can local governments take so that form-based codes can become the norm rather than the exception? This session will explore ground-breaking moves by diverse agencies: a transect-based character manual covering metropolitan Nashville-Davidson County (TN); a pre-approved toolkit for regulating mixed-use development in designated urban centers and corridors of Prince George's County (MD); and a flexible rezoning process for mixed-use infill projects in suburban Sarasota County (FL).


  • Jennifer Carlat, Community Plans Manager, Metro Nashville/Davidson County Planning Department
  • Bill Spikowski, Principal, Spikowski Planning Associates
  • Geoffrey Ferrell, Principal, Ferrell Madden Associates LLC

Slideshow by Jennifer Carlat:

Slideshow by Bill Spikowski: