Building Beautifully: Placing Craftsmanship Alongside Architecture and Urbanism in New Urbanism


The growing critique of many new urbanist developments is that the architecture and build quality do not measure up to the quality of the urbanism. In an era of economic uncertainty, the fear is that desperation in the development community will lead to a race to the bottom, with quality and environment being thrown overboard in the rush to survive. This session will examine the role of long-lived, resilient and quality-centered approach to building, looking at the tools New Urbanists use to move from the master plan to the architecture and construction, at the potential for good craft-based jobs to be a factor in a resurgent economy of value rather than consumption, and at The Prince's Foundation's ongoing work integrating building crafts and design education in Britain and Jamaica as well as its nascent work in New Orleans.


  • Hank Dittmar, Chief Executive, The Prince's Foundation
  • Ben Bolgar, Director of Design Theory and Networks, Princes Foundation for the Built Environment
  • Steve A. Mouzon, AIA LEED, Principal , The New Urban Guild

Slideshow by Ben Bolgar: