“What we're talking about is a vision for high-speed rail in America...”


“...Imagine boarding a train in the center of a city...Imagine whisking through towns at speeds over 100 miles an hour, walking only a few steps to public transportation, and ending up just blocks from your destination. Imagine what a great project that would be to rebuild America.” President Obama, April 16th, 2009 What are the next steps for new urbanists? TODs and HSRODs. It's all about complexity and where the connections, the interstices, the combinations, ideas, products and culture mix. CNU brings it all together. Come learn from key leaders about how to best implement this vision.


  • Geoffrey Anderson, Executive Director, Smart Growth America
  • Zachary Borders, AICP, Planner, theHOKPlanningGroup
  • Howard A. Learner, Executive Director, Environmental Law & Policy Center
  • Christopher Leinberger, President, Locus Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors

Introductory slideshow: