We Got It! Implementing LEED-ND


6/3/06 4:00pm-5:00pm

LEED for Neighborhood Developments is part of the natural evolution of the green building movement, expanding sustainability standards to the scale of the neighborhood. While current green building standards often focus on buildings in isolation, LEED-ND emphasizes the elements that determine a development�s relationship with its neighborhood, region, and landscape. The draft standards will hit the ground this year with a pilot program to test the rating system against on-the-ground projects. Authors of the draft and experienced green developers will explore the challenges developers may face in implementing LEED-ND and how local governments can help advance green neighborhood design.

Presented by: Lynne Barker, Cheryl Gladu, Susan Mudd, Tom Richman

This presentation includes:
Slideshow by Lynne Barker.

A summary of the session written by member of the CNU blog team is included in This Report