Urban Lab 1: Coding to Accommodate New Development in an Evolving Neighborhood


Using transect- and form-based coding methods, participants in the charrette-style lab developed strategies to balance positive redevelopment with the protection and enhancement of adjacent neighborhoods. They also investigated the spacing of "nodes" to encourage streetcar ridership while serving the interests of the community.

Howard M. Blackson III, Principal, PlaceMakers and Stantec
Susan Henderson, Director of Design, PlaceMakers LLC
Geoff Dyer, Director of Canadian Operations, PlaceMakers, LLC; Principal and Urban Designer, T-Six
Jennifer Hurley, President, Hurley-Franks & Associates
Bill Dennis, B. Dennnis Town and Building Design
Peter Swift, Owner, Swift and Associates
Glenn Kellogg, UrbanAdvisors Ltd
Rob Spainer, Business Development, Live Work Learn Play LLp
Max Reim, Principal and Co-Managing Partner, Live Work Learn Play LLP
Lisa Israelovitch, Director of Planning, Live Work Learn Play LLP

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