Streetcars as a New Urbanist Tool


Once ubiquitous, streetcars are now uniquely suited to serve the high-density development underway in downtowns across the U.S. Participants learned about new streetcar systems and why they have become magnets for new urbanist development. Speakers also discussed how to leverage economic development and how to build political and community support. Based on the Charter Award-winning book, Street Smart: Streetcars and Cities in the 21st Century.

Shelley Poticha, Executive Director, Center for Transit-Oriented Development, Reconnecting America
Gloria Ohland, Vice President for Communications, Reconnecting America
GB Arrington, Principal Practice Leader, PB PlaceMaking
Rick Gustafson, Vice President, Shiels Obletz Johnsen, CEO, Portland Streetcar Inc.
Charlie Hales, Planner and Project Manager, HDR Inc.
John Carroll, Principal, Carroll Investments
Michael M. English, Vice President, Corporate leader, Regional & Community Planning, WilsonMiller

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