New Urbanist Rebuilding in Louisiana


6/2/06 10:00-11:00am

Following the success of the Mississippi Renewal Forum, the Louisiana Recovery Authority commissioned a new urbanist "dream team" to create a rebuilding plan for Louisiana. Planning began in December 2005 and will continue through 2007, with Calthorpe Associates orchestrating a regional plan for the state, Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. (DPZ) coordinating town-planning charrettes, and Urban Design Associates (UDA) producing a Gulf Coast pattern book and toolkit. At this session, the principals of DPZ and UDA as well as the executive director of the Center for Planning Excellence discuss the recovery process and the role of New Urbanism in rebuilding a region with rich design traditions, a delicate environmental balance, and a dispersed population with diverse needs.
Presented by: Andrés Duany, Ray Gindroz, Ray Gindroz
This session includes:
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A summary of the session written by a number of the CNU blog team is included in This Report