The Mythical Parking Shortage: Why Provide Excess Parking?


Parking requirements are a principal difference between the New Urbanism and the old, and a stronger determinant of urban form than density or FAR. How can we accommodate the automobile while allowing for good urban form? From innovative on-street parking management solutions to the removal of off-street requirements, this session explored tested approaches that provide developers and city officials with new confidence in improving pedestrian-oriented environments.

Patrick Siegman, Principal, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates
Brian O'Looney, Senior Associate, Torti Gallas and Partners
Mary Smith, Director of Parking Consulting, Walker Parking Consultants
Cole McDowell, President and Chief Operating Officer, Five Star Real Estate, Inc.
Shannon Sanders McDonald, Author, Architect,, Book: "The Parking Garage, Design and Evolution of a Modern Urban Form"

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